Our brands

We choose all our brands based on their amazing products and more importantly, on their purpose, values and goals as businesses. We believe in what they’re doing, so we want to help them grow and bring to you products that we’re sure you’re going to love as much as we do.

Cloc creates handmade and unique pieces like earrings, earcuffs, and chokers.

Crafted from polymer clay in a process full of dedication and love, that starts combining different shades to get the desired colour. Then, rolling, cutting and shaping bring to life beautiful elements that after baked, are ready to compose a stunning piece.

Chamela designs swimwear, activewear and clothes for women to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident.

Curated pieces for real women and all bodies, taking fit, quality and design to the next level.

Amara creates hand-made shoes and espadrilles with a focus on quality and design.

Preserving traditional and artisanal techniques, combined with sustainable materials and timeless designs for a long-lasting, stylish, unique, and versatile product.

Estudio Minto brings together functionality, design, versatility, convenience and innovation.

A range of stunning cases and bags for all your bits and pieces. Keep all your belongings in place and in style.