A multi-brand store for women

We choose all our brands based on their amazing products and more importantly, on their purpose, values and goals as businesses.

We believe in what they’re doing, so we want to help them grow and bring to you products that we’re sure you’re going to love as much as we do.

Shiny Ivory

a community of women.

More than a store, we’re a community.
We want to empower, connect and inspire women.

Where everything women are is celebrated, all topics are discussed with no taboos or shame, and self-love, values, talents, and strengths are cultivated. 

We believe in the strength of female solidarity and sisterhood. We strive to build a community where each woman feels understood, respected, supported and valued.

Our beautiful products support and complement this mission of connection, inspiration and empowerment.

The face behind the business

My name is Maria and I’m the founder of Amaria Project.

I’m Colombian, but I’ve called Australia my home for some years now.

When I became a mum, I connected a lot with my feminine energy and this helped me find the intention for this brand.

Sharing my experiences, values, principles, interests and tools to empower other women, connect with them, and inspire them to be their best version and to enjoy being woman to the fullest.