Blooms Earrings

By Cloc

Size guide
Our Blooms Earrings have an eye-catching design, featuring links for an elevated look. Super lightweight and waterproof.

This handmade and unique piece is crafted from polymer clay, in a process full of dedication and love that starts combining different shades to get the desired colour. Then, rolling, cutting and shaping bring to life beautiful elements that after baked, are ready to compose a stunning piece.

Since each bead and element is handmade, every piece is unique. Details of the craftsmanship can be seen, and colour and shape may variate.

Materials: Polymer clay and bronze with 24K gold plating.
Measurements: 6-7cm.
Weight: 16 g


Avoid contact with lacquers, enamels or perfumes to prevent deterioration or colour change. After use, clean it with a damp cloth to remove any sweat or oil residue. Avoid exposing your piece to sunlight for long periods of time as it may cause colour changes. You can wet the pieces but make sure to dry them with a dry cloth to preserve them. Avoid bending your pieces so they don't break.