Use the below chart to easily convert between sizing scales.

If you are unsure of your size, you can measure your foot length to determine what your size should be. Always measure your feet wearing socks unless the style is made to be worn with bare feet. Use your largest foot to take the measurement, and if unsure, measure both and use the larger measurement.

How to measure your feet:
 Place a blank piece of paper (A4 or larger) on the ground next to a wall and place your largest foot on it with your heel to the edge of the sheet. Without moving your foot, use a pen to mark a line where your longest toe ends. Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure from the edge of the paper to the line you have drawn in cm.

Remember your left and right foot will vary in length and width, so choose the size you think will be most comfortable for you. Use these sizes and measurements as a guide only. You know your feet best!
AU/US EUR UK Foot Length (cm)
5 36 3 24.0
6 37 4 24.7
7 38 5 25.3
8 39 6 26.0